The 20 Best Political Books from the Top Political Authors of All Time

I’ve hunt down the absolute best 20 political books, created by some top political authors of all time! Dig deep into conservative politics, liberal ideals, learn from our past leaders, discover more about the United States of America and even our current leader. Then let the mind melt with Political stupidity, Government scandals and all the Corporate payoffs that you can handle! If you have any books on politics to suggest, shoot me an email…. I love reading, so please share the knowledge and I may feature your contribution with full credited on SarcasmMovement!

The Looming Tower – Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (Vintage Book)

Book - The Looming TowerBuy It NowOne of the best books yet on the history of terrorism” ~ Publishers Weekly – Lawrence Wright gives a gripping narrative that spans five decades, The Looming Tower explains in unprecedented detail the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, the rise of al-Qaeda, and the intelligence failures that culminated in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Lawrence Wright re-creates firsthand the transformation of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri from incompetent and idealistic soldiers in Afghanistan to leaders of the most successful terrorist group in history. He follows FBI counterterrorism chief John O’Neill as he uncovers the emerging danger from al-Qaeda in the 1990s and struggles to track this new threat. Packed with new information and a deep historical perspective, The Looming Tower is the definitive history of the long road to September 11. A Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and New York Times Book Review Best Book of the Year! [ Continue reading… ]


63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

Book - 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to ReadBuy It NowAccording to Jesse Ventura “The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullshit!” In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Ventura, the ultimate non- partisan truth-seeker, proves it beyond any doubt. He and Dick Russell walk readers through 63 of the most incriminating programs to reveal what really happens behind the closed doors. In addition to providing original government data, Ventura discusses what it really means and how regular Americans can stop criminal behavior at the top levels of government and in the media.

Among the cases discussed

  • • The CIA’s top-secret program to control human behavior
  • • Operation Northwoods – The military plan to hijack airplanes and blame it on Cuban terrorists
  • • The discovery of a secret Afghan archive – Information that never left the boardroom
  • • Potentially deadly healthcare cover-ups, including a dengue fever outbreak
  • • What the Department of Defense knows about our food supply – but is keeping it hush!

Although these documents are now in the public domain, the powers that be would just as soon they stay under wraps. Ventura’s research and commentary sheds new light on what they’re not telling you – and why it matters. [ Continue reading… ]


What You Should Know About Politics… But Don’t – A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues

Book - What You Should Know About Politics...Buy It NowIts a very exciting time in American politics. Voter turnout in primaries and caucuses across the nation have shattered old records. More than ever, in this election year people are paying attention to the issues. But in a world of sound bites and deliberate misinformation and a political scene that is literally colored by a partisan divide–blue vs. red–how does the average educated American find a reliable source that’s free of political spin?

What You Should Know About Politics… But Don’t breaks it all down, issue by issue, explaining who stands for what, and why–whether it’s the economy, the war in Iraq, health care, oil and renewable energy sources, or climate change. If you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or somewhere in between, it’s the perfect book to brush up on a single topic or read through to get a deeper understanding of the often-mucky world of American politics.

Polls have shown that interest in the presidential campaign traditionally peaks 3-6 weeks before the elections. But this is also a book that transcends the season. It’s truly for anyone who wants to know more about the issues, which are perennial issues that will continue to affect our everyday lives. [ Continue reading… ]


The 48 Laws of Power

Book - The 48 Laws of PowerBuy It NowBeguiling… literate… fascinating… a wry primer for people who desperately want to be on top.” ~People

Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive… Robert Greene’s piercing work distills three thousand years of the history of power in to forty-eight well explicated laws.

As attention–grabbing in its design as it is in its content, this bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun-tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, and other great thinkers. Some laws teach the need for prudence (“Law 1: Never Outshine the Master”), the virtue of stealth (“Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions”), and many demand the total absence of mercy (“Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally”), but like it or not, all have applications in real life. Illustrated through the tactics of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, P. T. Barnum, and other famous figures who have wielded–or been victimized by–power, these laws will fascinate any reader interested in gaining, observing, or defending against ultimate control. [ Continue reading… ]


The Origins of Political Order – From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution

Book - The Origins of Political OrderBuy It NowVirtually all human societies were once organized tribally, yet over time most developed new political institutions which included a central state that could keep the peace and uniform laws that applied to all citizens. Some went on to create governments that were accountable to their constituents. We take these institutions for granted, but they are absent or are unable to perform in many of today’s developing countries – with often disastrous consequences for the rest of the world.

Francis Fukuyama, author of the bestselling The End of History and the Last Man and one of our most important political thinkers, provides a sweeping account of how today’s basic political institutions developed. The first of a major two-volume work, The Origins of Political Order begins with politics among our primate ancestors and follows the story through the emergence of tribal societies, the growth of the first modern state in China, the beginning of the rule of law in India and the Middle East, and the development of political accountability in Europe up until the eve of the French Revolution.

Drawing on a vast body of knowledge – history, evolutionary biology, archaeology, and economics – Fukuyama has produced a brilliant, provocative work that offers fresh insights on the origins of democratic societies and raises essential questions about the nature of politics and its discontents. [ Continue reading… ]


Moral Politics – How Liberals and Conservatives Think

Book - Moral PoliticsBuy It NowIn this classic text, the first full-scale application of cognitive science to politics, George Lakoff analyzes the unconscious and rhetorical worldviews of liberals and conservatives, discovering radically different but remarkably consistent conceptions of morality on both the left and right. For this new edition, Lakoff adds a preface and an afterword extending his observations to major ideological conflicts since the book’s original publication, from the impeachment of Bill Clinton to the 2000 presidential election and its aftermath. [ Continue reading… ]


Winner-Take-All Politics – How Washington Made the Rich Richer and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class

Book - Winner-Take-All PoliticsBuy It NowWinner Take All Politics is a powerfully argued book about a critically important subject, and I guarantee you it will make you think.” ~Fareed Zakaria, GPN (CNN show)

A groundbreaking work that identifies the real culprit behind one of the great economic crimes of our time – the growing inequality of incomes between the vast majority of Americans and the richest of the rich.

We all know that the very rich have gotten a lot richer these past few decades while most Americans haven’t. In fact, the exorbitantly paid have continued to thrive during the current economic crisis, even as the rest of Americans have continued to fall behind. Why do the “haveit-alls” have so much more? And how have they managed to restructure the economy to reap the lion’s share of the gains and shift the costs of their new economic playground downward, tearing new holes in the safety net and saddling all of us with increased debt and risk? Lots of so-called experts claim to have solved this great mystery, but no one has really gotten to the bottom of it – until now.

In their lively and provocative Winner-Take-All Politics, renowned political scientists Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson demonstrate convincingly that the usual suspects – foreign trade and financial globalization, technological changes in the workplace, increased education at the top – are largely innocent of the charges against them. Instead, they indict an unlikely suspect and take us on an entertaining tour of the mountain of evidence against the culprit. The guilty party is American politics. [ Continue reading… ]


Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do – The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society

Book - Ain't Nobody's Business If You DoBuy It NowA refresher course on rights and personal freedom. What is your position on prostitution, pornography, gambling and other victimless crimes? This book will make readers consider their rights and the rights of others in a more humanistic and caring way.

Citing historical precedents and extensively analyzing the Bible, McWilliams calls for a ‘politics of change’ that would separate law from religion and morality, and that would honor diversity.” ~Publishers Weekly [ Continue reading… ]


Liberty Defined – 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom

Book - Liberty DefinedBuy It NowIn Liberty Defined, congressman and #1 New York Times bestselling author Ron Paul returns with his most provocative, comprehensive, and compelling arguments for personal freedom to date.

The term “Liberty” is so commonly used in our country that it has become a mere cliché. But do we know what it means? What it promises? How it factors into our daily lives? And most importantly, can we recognize tyranny when it is sold to us disguised as a form of liberty?

Dr. Paul writes that to believe in liberty is not to believe in any particular social and economic outcome. It is to trust in the spontaneous order that emerges when the state does not intervene in human volition and human cooperation. It permits people to work out their problems for themselves, build lives for themselves, take risks and accept responsibility for the results, and make their own decisions. It is the seed of America.

This is a comprehensive guide to Dr. Paul’s position on fifty of the most important issues of our times, from Abortion to Zionism. Accessible, easy to digest, and fearless in its discussion of controversial topics, LIBERTY DEFINED sheds new light on a word that is losing its shape. [ Continue reading… ]


Gangster Government – Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy

Book - Gangster GovernmentBuy It NowAnd in this new and stunning book, New York Times best-selling author David Freddoso (The Case Against Barack Obama) provides the much-needed exposé of an administration that has brought Chicago-style corruption and strong-arm politics to Washington, looking to reward its friends (the unions, federal workers, and other liberal interest groups) and punish its enemies (the private sector workers and taxpayers who foot the bill for Obama¹s massive expansion of the federal government).

In Gangster Government you’ll learn, among other shocking revelations:

  • • How the Obama administration has used “czars” and “recess appointments” to install powerful bureaucrats, some with extreme views and shady pasts, without congressional oversight.
  • • How the Obama administration ignored the Constitution and reversed 100 years of bankruptcy law to reward its friends (the United Autoworkers) in the GM and Chrysler bailout.
  • • Why even the pretense of “cutting costs” in Obamacare came second to rewarding the Democrat-supporting trial lawyers’ lobby.
  • • Why, ignoring federal law, the Obama administration is trying to shield the TSA workers who search passengers at airports from private sector competition.
  • • How the trillion dollar “stimulus” was directed overwhelmingly at protecting government workers supported by the taxpayers.
  • • Why “green jobs” are all about shaking down the taxpayer for favored businesses – not about truly “sustainable” energy or jobs.
  • • How the Obama administration bullies private businesses and even state governments that don’t cooperate with gangster government.

Gangster Government is a devastating and revealing look at the momentous first two years of the Obama administration and its subversion of our Constitution and laws. It casts a hard look at a president whose training on Chicago’s political playground shines through every bent law and every broken promise. [ Continue reading… ]


Paul Revere’s Ride

Book - Paul Revere's RideBuy It NowPaul Revere’s midnight ride looms as an almost mythical event in American history–yet it has been largely ignored by scholars and left to patriotic writers and debunkers. Now one of the foremost American historians offers the first serious look at the events of the night of April 18, 1775–what led up to it, what really happened, and what followed–uncovering a truth far more remarkable than the myths of tradition.

In Paul Revere’s Ride, David Hackett Fischer fashions an exciting narrative that offers deep insight into the outbreak of revolution and the emergence of the American republic. Beginning in the years before the eruption of war, Fischer illuminates the figure of Paul Revere, a man far more complex than the simple artisan and messenger of tradition. Revere ranged widely through the complex world of Boston’s revolutionary movement–from organizing local mechanics to mingling with the likes of John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

When the fateful night arrived, more than sixty men and women joined him on his task of alarm–an operation Revere himself helped to organize and set in motion. Fischer recreates Revere’s capture that night, showing how it had an important impact on the events that followed. He had an uncanny gift for being at the center of events, and the author follows him to Lexington Green–setting the stage for a fresh interpretation of the battle that began the war. Drawing on intensive new research, Fischer reveals a clash very different from both patriotic and iconoclastic myths. The local militia were elaborately organized and intelligently led, in a manner that had deep roots in New England. On the morning of April 19, they fought in fixed positions and close formation, twice breaking the British regulars. In the afternoon, the American officers switched tactics, forging a ring of fire around the retreating enemy which they maintained for several hours–an extraordinary feat of combat leadership. In the days that followed, Paul Revere led a new battle– for public opinion–which proved even more decisive than the fighting itself.

<pWhen the alarm-riders of April 18 took to the streets, they did not cry, "the British are coming," for most of them still believed they were British. Within a day, many began to think differently. For George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine, the news of Lexington was their revolutionary Rubicon. Paul Revere's Ride returns Paul Revere to center stage in these critical events, capturing both the drama and the underlying developments in a triumphant return to narrative history at its finest. [ Continue reading… ]


The Shock Doctrine – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Book - The Shock DoctrineBuy It NowThere are very few books that really help us understand the present. The Shock Doctrine is one of those books.” ~The Guardian

In this groundbreaking alternative history of the most dominant ideology of our time, Milton Friedman’s free-market economic revolution, Naomi Klein challenges the popular myth of this movement’s peaceful global victory. From Chile in 1973 to Iraq today, Klein shows how Friedman and his followers have repeatedly harnessed terrible shocks and violence to implement their radical policies. [ Continue reading… ]


The Politics of Freedom – Taking on The Left, The Right and Threats to Our Liberties

Book - The Politics of FreedomBuy It NowIs it any wonder that Americans have become so dissatisfied with government today? Politicians have given us soaring federal spending, rampant violations of our constitutional rights, a futile war in Iraq, corruption, incompetence, and a growing nanny state. Now one of the leading libertarian critics of big government raises the flag of freedom.

David Boaz takes on both liberals and conservatives who seek to impose their own partisan agendas on the whole country. He discusses the roots of American freedom, the growing libertarian vote in America, the arrogance of politicians, and everything from taxes and education to terrorism and the war on drugs. For the millions of Americans who don’t fit the red-blue divide, who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal, who reject big-government conservatism and nanny-state liberalism, this book points the way to a new politics of freedom. [ Continue reading… ]


Health Care Reform and American Politics – What Everyone Needs to Know

Book - Health Care Reform and American PoliticsBuy It NowThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama in March 2010 is a landmark in U.S. social legislation. The new law extends health insurance to nearly all Americans, fulfilling a century-long quest and bringing the United States to parity with other industrial nations. Affordable Care aims to control rapidly rising health care costs and promises to make the United States more equal, reversing four decades of rising disparities between the very rich and everyone else. Millions of people of modest means will gain new benefits and protections from insurance company abuses – and the tab will be paid by privileged corporations and the very rich.

How did such a bold reform effort pass in a polity wracked by partisan divisions and intense lobbying by special interests? What does Affordable Care mean – and what comes next?

In Health Care Reform and American Politics : What Everyone Needs to Know – Lawrence R. Jacobs and Theda Skocpol – two of the nation’s leading experts on politics and health care policy–provide a concise and accessible overview. They explain the political battles of 2009 and 2010, highlighting White House strategies, the deals Democrats cut with interest groups, and the impact of agitation by Tea Partiers and progressives. Jacobs and Skocpol spell out what the new law can do for everyday Americans, what it will cost, and who will pay. Above all, they explain what comes next, as critical yet often behind-the-scenes battles rage over implementing reform nationally and in the fifty states. Affordable Care might end up being weakened. But, like Social Security and Medicare, it could also gain strength and popularity as the majority of Americans learn what it can do for them. [ Continue reading… ]


Into the Crucible – Making Marines for the 21st Century

Book - Into the CrucibleBuy It NowIn Into the Crucible : Making Marines for the 21st Century James Woulfe takes us through Fifty-four grueling hours that complete the process of turning recruits into Marines. Through a wonderful and skillful story, Woulfe takes us through the life of the new recruit – showing us the mind, body and soul transformations both men and women take while becoming a U.S. Marine. Part of being a Marine is knowing the History of the Marines, and Woufle gives us a fully detailed history of the United States Marines Corps from the Civil War, WWI, Vietnam and other conflicts. This is a truly inspiring story that looks directly into the hearts, lives, history and future of those that took the steps to becoming a Marine. [ Continue reading… ]


Walk in My Shoes – Conversations between a Civil Rights Legend and his Godson on the Journey Ahead

Book - Walk in My ShoesBuy It NowThis book is my attempt to humbly pass along a few anecdotes, life lessons, and insights to prepare you for the long journey ahead.” ~ Author Andrew J. Young

A top aide to Martin Luther King, Jr., and one of history’s most important civil rights leaders, Andrew Young has been a witness to history and made his own. During the civil rights movement, he worked tirelessly as a strategist and negotiator in the campaigns that resulted in the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, and was at Dr. King’s side when he was assassinated.

For years, he has been mentoring his godson, Kabir Sehgal, in correspondence and conversation. In this entertaining and provocative discourse, Young shares his thoughts and meditations on such important topics as civil rights, race, faith, love, and leadership. [ Continue reading… ]


A Time to Betray – The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran

Book - A Time to BetrayBuy It NowA true story as exhilarating as a great spy thriller, as turbulent as today’s headlines from the Middle East, 2010 National Best Books Award-winning A Time to Betray reveals what no other previous CIA operative’s memoir possibly could…

The inner workings of the notorious Revolutionary Guards of Iran, as witnessed by an Iranian man inside their ranks who spied for the American government. It is a human story, a chronicle of family and friendships torn apart by a terror-mongering regime, and how the adult choices of three childhood mates during the Islamic Republic yielded divisive and tragic fates. And it is the stunningly courageous account of one man’s decades-long commitment to lead a shocking double life informing on the beloved country of his birth, a place that once offered the promise of freedom and enlightenment – but instead ruled by murderous violence and spirit-crushing oppression. [ Continue reading… ]


Rules for Radicals

Book - Rules for RadicalsBuy It NowHe cannot be bought; he cannot be intimidated; and he breaks all the rules.” ~ The Economist (London)

The father of modern community organization, Saul Alinsky taught a generation of activists and politicians how to effectively construct social change. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky writes with passion and intelligence, carefully outlining “the difference between being a realistic radical and being a rhetorical one.” Indispensable since its first publication in 1971, this book continues to inform and inspire all those who believe that political engagement is the key to maintaining America’s democratic tradition. [ Continue reading… ]


Revolt! – How to Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs

Book - Revolt!Buy It NowRevolt! lays out a game plan for success. Morris and McGann explain how to use the debt limit and budget fights to force Obama to accept Republican policies while, at the same time, undermining his chances of victory in 2012.

Obamacare? Morris and McGann explain how to block the IRS enforcement of the requirement that everyone buy health insurance and how to stop the Medicare cuts and rationing.

Crippling Talk Radio and Taking Over the Internet? They explain how to prevent the FCC from blocking free speech in America.

Cap and Trade? They offer a blueprint for how to cut off EPA funding to stop it from imposing carbon taxes and regulation.

Unless we read their plan and act to implement it, Obama will raise taxes, end the mortgage interest and charitable deduction, raise Social Security taxes, and add trillions more to the federal deficit in the process. Conservatives need to fight back – and Morris and McGann explain how to do it. [ Continue reading… ]


An American Life – The Autobiography (Signed By Author)

Book - An American LifeBuy It NowReview In this 1990 autobiography, ex-President Ronald “Dutch” Reagan tells the story of his life, from his birth in Tampico, Illinois in 1911, to the end of his term as President of the United States in 1988. Moving along with a gentle humor and an unpretentious openness that endeared the “Gipper” to a nation, the book gives the reader a fascinating look into the real life of America’s fortieth President. [ Continue reading… ]


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