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The U.S. Gov and Wall Street’s Secret Meetings Prior to 08 Economic Colapse.“We now have concrete evidence that Wall Street and Washington are running a secret government far removed from the democratic process. Through a freedom of information request by Bloomberg News, the public now has access to over 29,000 pages of Fed documents and 21,000 additional Fed transactions that were deliberately hidden, and for good reason.”

Measly $285 Million Settlement Between S.E.C. and Citigroup Blocked!Hats off to Judge Jed S. Rakoff! It appears Judge Rakoff could not determine whether the S.E.C.’s settlement with Citigroup was “fair, reasonable, adequate and in the public interest,” and followed with the S.E.C. “has a duty, inherent in its statutory mission, to see that the truth emerges.” and then he referred to the $285 million settlement has “pocket change to any entity as large as Citigroup.” – Hopefully this isn’t the last “quick headline” we’ll see about Judge Rakoff and this case.



Bernie Sanders Investigation Exposes that Wall Street Runs U.S. GovernmentAccording to Senator Bernie Sanders: “Top executives from Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, General Electric and other firms sat on the boards of regional Federal Reserve banks while their firms benefited from the central bank’s policies during the financial crisis, the Government Accountability Office investigation found.”